What I look for:

I read every word to look for: inconsistencies, formatting issues, misspellings, transposed words, punctuation errors, missing words (also extra words!), and correct word usage. Additionally, I do light research to make sure information is correct.

Transcript format:

I ask that everyone please send me their files in PDF format.  Not sure how? Please visit CutePDF.com for instructions on converting your files to PDF format.

You’ll receive annotated PDF pages back from me (generally consisting of yellow and red markings) that directly notate the corrections.

You will need to use the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, available here, for all of the corrections to be visible.

Here’s an example of what an annotated page will look like once its returned:

Resources Used:

My training has been based on Morson’s English Guide for Court Reporters, Bad Grammar Good Punctuation by Margie Wakeman Wells, and the Gregg Reference Manual.

Reporter Preference Sheet:

I understand that reporter’s preference is at the top of the priority list.  Please complete this Reporter-Preference-Sheet, so that I can proof to your standards for all future jobs.

What do you need from me to get started?

  • Ensure your transcript is converted into PDF format.
  • Complete the Reporter Preference Sheet.
  • Break up the transcript (If it’s a hefty, 150+ pages), into chunks of 50 pages or so at a time is helpful.
  • Review my billing procedures and rates.
  • Contact me and await an email back from me confirming your job, and you’re good to go!

Interested in having me proofread your transcript? 

Check out the contact form here to take the next step.

Or just send me a quick email – laura@proofreadingstudio.com.